Moling and Watermains Services in London

Discreet Pipe Laying without the Mess

Our fully qualified plumbers and heating specialists in London can lay pipes without digging up your garden and causing chaos. And it’s all because of a process called “moling”.

Sewage, Water and Heating Pipe Installation without the Mess

If you need new underground pipes on your property, there’s a solution that will minimise mess and disruption. Moling is an effective and relatively fast way to lay underground pipes without digging huge trenches in your garden.

Our moling engineers will burrow our way underground — just like a mole. Using specialised equipment, we’ll push the pipes into boreholes created by mechanical moles. This means we won’t have to dig up your precious lawn or beautiful driveway to lay essential pipework for heating, water or sewage.


The Moling Process

We start by digging a small pit at the beginning of the route, and another at the end. The mechanical mole burrows its way down to the correct depth and along the pre-determined route. And as it goes, it creates a channel that’s the perfect size for the pipe we’re laying.

At the end of the burrowing process, we’re left with a perfectly cylindrical channel — surrounded by tightly packed soil. This makes inserting the pipes a relatively simple and hassle-free process.

No digging! No ditches! No drama!

We can burrow underneath almost any surface or obstacle, including:

Garden equipment

The Advantages of Moling as a Way of Digging Pipe Channels

Traditional methods of laying pipes create a huge amount of mess and disruption. But when you choose One Good Plumber to use the moling method, you get a range of benefits:

No trench digging required
Protects expensive patios and drives
Bypasses heavy obstacles and structures
Very little mess
Minimal disruption to your home
No visible pipework
No need to close public roads or pathways
Much faster than alternative methods

Choose One Good Plumber for Moling Services

Whether you’re building an extension or replacing your water pipes, minimise mess and disruption by choosing us to lay your pipework using the moling methods. We have the experience, expertise and equipment needed to complete the job on time, accurately and for an affordable price. Call us today on 0203 7455 123 to discuss your requirements with a professional plumber in London.